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Alpha Sigma Tau

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Welcome to Alpha Sigma Tau! The Alpha Omicron Chapter, located at Clarion University of PA.

The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorortiy is located at Clarion University of PA. It is made up of 40 close-knit girls who are very proud of what they stand for. This site should give you a little bit of background information and an idea of what Alpha Sigma Tau is all about! 

What's New?


Congratualtions to the Spring '08 new members!!  The recently got initiated and are alread great assets to our chapter.  All nine of them get along really well and are enjoy everything AST has to offer
We recently just had our spring formal.  It was way too much fun!  We all go dressed up and went to dinner at a nice banquet hall called 'Traditions', which is also where we had our Founder's Day this past fall.  Afterwards we went to one of our sisters cabins in Cooks Forest.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a really nice time hanging out, playing games, and making s'mores.
Congratulations to Angie for winning Top Tau!! and Erica for winning Outstanding Senior!  We are really going to miss you girls next year!

Christen and Sam rockin' their letters!

If you are interested in Greek life  you should definitely check us out :)  We are having open bid parties coming up...
April 22nd from 7-8
April 23rd from 7-8
*Both will be held at the AST house on 5th Ave.